Michelle Massey

CEO, Director of Business Operations, FSO

I have been in leadership positions in Health Care for over 20 years. This experience of serving others has smoothly transitioned to our business, where I oversee the business operations of our company: Benefits, HR, Contracts, and Accounting. In working with others, I strive to be fair and honest. As an employee of Massey Technologies, you become a true, integral part of the family.


Fred Massey


I have over 35 years of Aerospace and Defense experience creating Safety Critical systems. I have worked on rockets, embedded avionics, and led successful software development teams to deliver flight ready code meeting DO-178B standards. When we created our company, we built it on principles that we have dedicated our lives to. It is an honor and a privilege to work in this industry and to serve the US Army and NASA. For more information, please see my LinkedIn profile.