Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of the Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft System
We are supporting the US Army Software Engineering Directorate (SED), which has been funded by the Gray Eagle Project Office PM MAE to perform IV&V. We lead a team of software engineers who are performing a comprehensive evaluation of the systems and software engineering practices of the Gray Eagle OEM and its subcontractors. We provide full life cycle software experience and subject matter expertise in Mil-Std-498A, IEEE-12207, CMMI, and DO-178C standards.


Software Engineering Evaluation Systems (SEES) for the US Army SED.
We lead a team of software engineers who are updating the policy and procedures used by SED to evaluate software development activities for internal projects and for external customers, such as PEOs. SEES is being updated in accordance with modern industry standards, such as CMMI, IEEE-12207, Agile Development, and DO-178C while taking into account the level of rigor requirements that flow from Mil-Std-882E and DO-178C.


Safety Engineering Support.
We are providing safety engineering services for the Hellfire missile project in accordance with Mil-Std-882E and AMCOM Reg 385.17. We have also helped consolidate the inputs of stakeholders and perform an update of the Level of Rigor appendix AMCOM Reg 385.17. In addition, we are called upon to evaluate the Safety CDRLs of other projects, such as the Gray Eagle UAS.


Apache Software Services.
We are supporting PM Apache Chief Software Engineer by performing CDRL review of Apache OEM deliverables and evaluating government software rights. We are also providing services to the Apache Software Integration Lab that supports maintenance of Apache Mod 2 Flight Computer code written in Ada. We are using our core competencies in C and Ada programming and our deep experience in safety critical software systems to help support software development of Mod 2 and Mod 3 Apache attack helicopters.